Quick and Easy Body “Soap”

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


  • 1 pint jar
  • 1 pint of one or a combination of oils, I like sesame, kukui nut, and/or grape seed
  • 30 drops Lavender or Rose Geranium, or 15 drops each


I will share a little secret … I don’t use soap. Nor do I make my own with lye. I am not so sure about lye, even though “they” say it is safe, I am leery since when handling it you can’t touch it or inhale it … and even after the lye is cured in the soap it leaves my skin dry and stripped.  I don’t think lye is necessary in soap!

Easy Peasy home made soap
Combine your oils sesame, kukui oil, and/or grape seed oil in a pint jar.  Drop in 30 drops of oil of your choice, or blend Lavender and Geranium together and mix into carrier oils.

Now your saponification becomes oil and water and rubbing.  Place a little oil in your palm while in the shower or bath and rub rub rub under the water.

Geranium oil is nourishing for your skin, reduces wrinkles, it stimulates your lymphatic system, helps balance hormones, all the while repelling insects 🙂 And it has a pleasant scent. You can combine both oils in your oil soap if you like, or alternate.

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