Sweeping Breath Meditation

Sweeping your breath along your body with you mind.  Your breathing will transmit its calming influence. This type of breathing is relaxing and nourishing. Establish a relaxed 1:1 belly breath (1:1 meaning equal inhales and exhales) Observing your breath, breathe … Continue reading »

The Four Purifications

These breathing exercises I learned from Nancy Gilgoff, she learned them from Baba Hari Dass. They are in the book “Ashtanga Yoga Primer” by Baba Hari Dass. They are known as “The Four Purifications” and help to clear the mind … Continue reading »

Four Square Breathing – A 3 minute breathing meditation, use anytime anywhere

4 Square Breathing Take 5 Yogic Breaths = approx. a 5 second inhale and exhale Inhale 4 counts Hold your breath 4 counts (tuck your chin into the notch in collarbone – jalandhara bandha) Exhale 4 counts hold your breath … Continue reading »

Nadi Shodhana – alternate nostril breathing

Nadi Shodhana Alternate nostril breathing (without khumbaka or breath holding). To alternate breathing through the nostrils you use a special mudra — a mudra is a hand position that elicits energy movement in your body. The mudra for Nadi Shodhana … Continue reading »

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Here is a nice script for a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation.  Until you learn it, this is nice to have someone read to you as you relax on your back.  Feet wide, arms about a foot from your sides, palms … Continue reading »

Loving Kindness Meditation aka Metta Meditation

One of my favorite meditations is the Loving Kindness Meditation aka Metta Meditation.  The story on this meditation goes back to the Buddha.  He was teaching his pupils how to meditate in the woods and they were afraid of the … Continue reading »

Listening to the Heart Meditation with David Crow

This is a wonderful short 5 minute meditation, that leaves you with a nice visualization to sit with.  David Crow is my plant medicine and essential oils guru.  This is a blip from one of his courses offered through The … Continue reading »

How to Meditate? Its easier than you think … & A few meditations to get you started

Meditation and Awareness Mistaking the method for the goal . . . Many people think meditation is about being a good meditator . . . meditation prepares us to live our live with awareness. We need a meditation time, however … Continue reading »