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Chakrasana means wheel posture.  This is not an actual posture, but a transition or a vinyasa from lying on the floor to Chaturanga Dandasana.  If you have neck issues consult with your teacher before attempting this transition.


  • Release your leg from the final position of Supta Padangusthasana and lie in Supta Samasthiti position.
  • On exhale press your lower back into the floor, point your toes, engage your thighs, and keep your legs together
  • On inhale bring your hands by your ears, palms down tucking your fingers under your shoulders; lift your legs up using the strength of your abdominals.
  • When your hips are over your shoulders and your toes are close to the floor EXHALE and PUSH with your hands/arms to make clearance for your head to flip around into Chaturanga Dandasana. DO NOT ROLL TO ONE SIDE. If you are rolling to one side you most likely let your viagra generic elbow flare out to the side. Pay attention to not hold your breath as you flip around—but keep exhaling.
  • A little momentum can help you with this posture, as you get stronger you will need less momentum.
  • Inhale to upward dog, exhale to downward dog.

An alternative: ½ Chakrasana

  • If you have neck issues or have not yet built enough strength to do this movement safely, there is the half way option:
  • Begin as above pressing your lower back to the floor connecting with your core strength, bring your hands by your ears, and as you exhale bring your legs overhead
  • Then on inhale roll forward (instead of backward) ground your hands and hop back to Chaturanga Dandasana, exhaling.

Chakrasana helps you keep rhythm with your breath transitioning between the postures-this is the main purpose of it. However when performed after some poses, such as Setu Bandhasana it is a counter pose on the neck.

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