Truly Green Face & Body Care

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Truly Green Face & Body Care

We make small batches only with no preservatives (other than Vitamin E or Rosemary CO2 antioxidant) and use only organic or wild (sustainably harvested) essential and carrier oils from reputable companies I know, or small local farmers and herbalists who grow organically and/or biodynamically.

These products are superior for skin care and healing — and my products are a fraction of the cost of what you pay for high quality skin care products from retail suppliers.

The products below are just a showcase of what I make to offer, other products and custom orders available also, please contact Bobbi or at 717/443-1119 to order.  Go to to see more products.


Testimonial from Dena: Follow up on the oils, they are amazing. My face is responding so much it is remarkable! Little sores healed overnight practically, and it feels like it’s just soaking up the goodness and reacting with a very calm skin feeling. I’m so glad because my skin can be wildly reactive to new products. It loooooves your regimen. Thanks for sharing all the goodness.

Truly Green Facial Routine – get everything you need for your facial care right here!

Facial Cleansers – available in 2 or 4 oz glass bottles
Facial Gentle Wash
Wake Me Up Morning Facial Wash

Facial Toners
Facial Toners are available in 2 or 4 oz glass bottles
My facial toners contain NO alcohol or harsh drying agents.  I use only hydrosols and aloe vera.  If your skin is oily and needs some astringency I can add in distilled witch hazel (NOT alcohol extracted as most witch hazel is), or organic apple cider vinegar to help with breakouts or other issues.

Facial Mist Hydrosols — My own distillations from plants I grow in Maui 100% natural with no pesticides or herbicides or even fertilizers.  Sold in 2 oz glass bottles with a spray cap.  Larger quantities available by request.
Rose Geranium Hydrosol
Rosemary Hydrosol
Yarrow Hydrosol
Red Bottle Brush Hydrosol – Red Bottlebrush is in the same family as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, this species smells very close to eucalyptus so is great for respiratory systems.

Facial Oil Moisturizers
Nourishing Skin Facial Oil
Regenerative Facial Oil
Immortelle Facial Spot Remover
More here.

Bleu Vanilla Lip Balm – available in 1/2 oz tin or 1 oz glass jar.

Truly Green Body Care

Body Cleansers and Scrubs
Olive Oil Body Cleanser
Gentle Body Wash
Orange Dreamsicle Salt Scrub
Hibiscus & Rose Sugar Scrub
Cinnamon Ylang Ylang Salt Scrub

Body Butters, Lotions, and Oils
Vanilla infused Shea Coconut soft Body Butter with Sandalwood and Rose.
Whipped Body Butter Creams – great for dry skin
Healthy Veins Gel – This is a specially formulated gel oil for legs or anywhere you need circulatory support.
Rosehip seed Body Lotion with my “Orange LifeSaver” scent of Frankincense, jasmine, clary sage, and neroli essential oils.
Healthy Water Balance Body Oil
Many more body oils, butters, and lotions.

**NEW**  Semi-soft Deodorant – $7.75 / 1 oz jar
Try the juniper berry scent!  I made this batch with Juniper Berry.  This deodorant goes on smoothly, helps keep you dry and odor free, and smells great.  No harmful chemicals or aluminum needed.

**NEW**  Relax & Heal Topical Analgesic Salve aka “Ashtanga Kisser”  This is my version of the Asana Kisser tins I used to sell at my studio.  It is not quite as messy 🙂  I added a little more beeswax to the recipe to help it stay on longer and not be so greasy.  
**ON SALE** 2 oz glass jar = $12.00

Sun Protective Products
I make a full line of chemical free, good for your skin, safe for the reefs sun products including a sun protection lotion, gel, and oil for body, a sun protective facial oil, and after sun gels and oils.