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The products listed in this category are products I make regularly and stock. I have many more products available here, which will be made when you place your order.

All our products are made in small batches by hand … by me! Customization is available if you have special requests or needs.

We use the finest ethically source ingredients.  All products and our supplies are sustainably wild harvested or cultivated certified organic, pesticide free, biodynamic, or “cultivated without chemicals”.

When necessary the only preservatives I use are Vitamin E oil or Rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract.

I distill my own hydrosols from plants I cultivate without chemicals and grow with lots of love and attention.

Our Full product line is available at Truly Green Face & Body Care, and Herbal Home Remedies.

Click here to see our learn & thrive section — where I share a lot of information, DIY recipes for personal care products, clean food recipes, and our True Green Cleaning recipes so you can clean your entire house chemical free for very little money.

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