Marichyasana B

Download a guide to this pose. (PDF)

Marichyasana B –This pose takes Marichyasana A a step further—you now go from working externally to open and prepare the body to working internally on the organs of the body.  Marichyasana B requires the half lotus position which can be difficult to attain if you have knee instabilities, tightness in your hips, or are athletic.  Patience must reign as you wait for your hip joint to slowly open up to allow the deep inner work of this posture.


  • From Downward dog hop through to Dandasana.
  • Inhaling place your LEFT leg in half lotus, turning the sole of your foot upward and if your hip allows, moving your heel toward your navel. If you are unable to get your leg safely in half lotus you can drop the foot out of the lotus position and place it by your right buttock (see picture of Jim).
  • With your left leg in half lotus or under your thigh, bend your right knee sliding your foot back toward your hip, allow your right hip to lift off the floor as you roll forward on your sitting bones and ground your left thigh, lean forward sliding your right arm inside your leg and forward (see picture of Abby). You can stay here if you are unable to complete the final step.
  • Leaning forward to lengthen the right waist, keep your right knee in tight to your ribs, get your body as low as possible—ideally hooking your shoulder half way down between your knee and ankle, if your shoulder is close to your shin turn your right palm upward internally rotating the shoulder and reach your right arm behind you, wrap your left arm around your waist and see if your right hand can clasp your left wrist or hook fingers (keeping your right palm turned upward). When bound take an inhale and extend your spine, exhale forward eventually touching your forehead to the floor by your right foot (see picture of Misty). (As an interim position you can touch your head to your left knee.)
  • Drishti is toward the nose. Stay here for 5 deep breaths, releasing the posture with an inhale, take vinyasa or switch sides.

The half-lotus-forward-bending position of Marichyasana B has direct influence on the colon.  The left leg is placed into half lotus first to stimulate the ascending colon, the right foot in half lotus stimulates the descending colon, this process aids our body in removal of waste and toxins.
The entire Marichyasana series cures gaseous movements in the stomach and intestines, with that flatulence, indigestion, and constipation are eliminated and digestive power is restored.  These asana also directly benefit the kidneys.  These poses relieve pain from menstruation and strengthen the womb allowing a woman to carry a child strongly-miscarriage due to weakness is cured, although pregnant women should not practice these asana after the second month of pregnancy.
The Manipura chakra (third chakra) is purified and strengthened with these asana.

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