Ubhaya Padangusthasana

Download a guide to this pose. (PDF)

Ubhaya means both Pada means foot Angusthasana means big toe.  In this posture you take both big toes with both of your hands.  You enter this pose from an inverted position with a roll, the rolling motion may take some time to “master” be patient with the method and remember to use your breath, in time you will feel the movement and roll up smoothly to the balance.


  • From downward facing dog hop through and lie down on your back in Supta Samasthiti.
  • Press your lower back toward the floor exhaling, with an Inhale lift your legs up exhale your legs over to the plough position, be aware to not push with your hands to lift your legs up (unless you need to), try to use the strength of your abdominals for this lift.
  • Catch each big toe with your thumb and forefinger of each hand, grip with both your fingers and your toes. If possible keep your legs straight, and lengthen your spine by reaching your sitting bones toward the ceiling.
  • To prepare for the roll up, exhale and draw your hips toward your head by flexing your spine, Inhaling roll up (trying to keep your legs straight), to make the roll smooth; curve your lower back by drawing your abs inward using your bandhas and your breath for the rolling motion.

  • To catch balance, at the top of your inhale lift your tailbone, head, and heart upward coming to balance just behind your sitting bones, and straighten your legs if possible. Point your toes, lift your heart up and moving your head back lift your face upward—keeping the back of your neck long. Drishti is upward.
  • If you are tight in your hamstrings, it is OK to bend your knees, better to keep a straight spine than to round the spine in order to straighten your legs.
  • Hold this position 5 breaths, exhaling cross your legs ground your hands, inhale pick up and jump back for vinyasa.

This pose strengthens the abdominals, the genital organs and relieves burning during urination.  In the subtle body, this pose by balancing on the tailbone releases “stuck energy” from the base of our spine helping the free flow of prana move upward.

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