Virabhadrasana II

Download a guide to this pose. (PDF)

Virabhadrasana II (veera-bha-dra-sana) Warrior II
Vira = Hero Virabhadra was a powerful mythical warrior created from a lock of Shiva’s hair. Shiva is the god of destruction in the Hindu Trinity, he is the masculine form of the divine, his “destructive” power symbolizes breaking down the ego.

Warrior poses work on the joints of the body; it specifically helps to alleviate pain associated with rheumatic conditions. It works on reducing pain in the knees and is a prescribed pose for people whose jobs require standing in one place or sitting all day long. It conditions and tones the lower abdomen and spinal column, and purifies the organs of generation.


  • From warrior I, keeping Left knee bent and aligned directly over left foot, spiral right hip open as you drop arms down to shoulder level
  • Left thigh needs to externally rotates as right thigh internally rotates
  • Pay attention to keep the pelvis level in this pose—from right to left and front to back (right hip tends to lift in this pose).
  • Shoulders should be square, scapula depressed and slightly retracted. Drishti = left fingertips
  • Hold for 5-8 breaths, inhale straighten left knee and exhale repeat right.

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