February 2012 – Stress


It is pretty well known that yoga helps reduce stress; with breathing, tension release, relaxation, etc. (blah blah blah 😉  This is all true and good.  However there’s more — your mental attitude.  Yoga may also influence your mental attitude — in a positive way — but you still need to do the work of adjusting your attitude!

Stop Stressing
The most effective ways to not stress out are:

  • Don’t react.  Do not respond immediately.
  • Don’t try to guess whats going to happen!
  • Deal with it as it happens.  Accept it, then act on it.

One of the easiest ways to stop stress is to stop reacting.  Sometimes you just don’t need to respond — at least for a while.  “Catch yourself”  – what Buddhists call the spark before the flame—earlier, then pause long enough to think, “Well, maybe I don’t need to respond.”

Trying to guess what will happen will only create more stress for you.  You can not see the future –and you can not know how it will turn out. You most likely will not be able to control whats going to happen anyway.  Worrying about the outcome creates a lot of un-necessary stress over situations that are never going to happen.  Just wait to see how it works out, then stress if necessary 😉

When faced with a stressful situation sit with it for awhile.  many times the problem goes away or solves itself.  No need to get ruffled.  Be present and just watch everything swirl around you with wonderment . . . let things settle, then decide your actions.
DEAL WITH IT AS IT HAPPENS, sit with it, ACCEPT IT, then act on it.

And is it necessary to stress over something we think we don’t want?  The universe has a plan for us.  Trust that and roll with your situations.   You may end up in a most wonderful situation that you never could have planned out yourself 🙂


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