Winter Time Foods :)

Autumn is a season of deficiency and change, provoking higher stress levels. As leaves fall, nourishing seasonal foods like pumpkin and nutmeg to soothe the nervous system help us weather the change. Cooked pumpkins are soft and comforting. Both sedatives, pumpkin and nutmeg together reduce stress. According to Ayurveda, keeping the nervous system stable through fall is our number one tool for maintaining strong immunity and staying healthy.
In fall when the temperature starts to drop, the body scrambles to protect itself from heat loss. Nourishing foods seem all the more enticing while helping refortify deficient tissue, thicken the skin, and insulate from the cold. Pumpkins, ghee, almonds and sugar all build ojas in time for the coming winter. Ojas is Ayurveda’s word for a nourishment.

Below is a link to a more complete list of Winter foods, and my most common winter recipes.  Please enjoy and eat in love and light, mindfulness and thankfulness.
May you be well nourished . . .

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