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I love that yoga is becoming so popular 🙂 And I am happy to see many more yoga studios springing up around our area. However I would like to point out that not all teachers and styles are created equally, nor are they all unequivocally based around comprehensive health.

Bikram Choudhury has claims of rape and sexual harassment against him. It has been known in our industry for many years that Bikram has sexual issues (among many other issues!); finally last year Vanity Fair exposed him:

And another one:

I speak with my money and where I choose to spend it, do you want to support this man? Any yoga studio that operates under his name sends a good portion of their profits to him.

Many people, once they get money and power don’t know how to handle it — be at a politician, a businessman, or a yogi.

Fortunately some do :), there are many people in the world who have become rich and famous without mis-using their fortune and/or power.

We have the choice with our money to support those that choose to benefit society; or those that choose to benefit only them self — at other people’s emotional and financial expense.

I would like to encourage Bikram Yoga of Camp Hill to drop their Bikram proprietorship and change to a Hot Yoga style modifying their sequence so it is not Bikram’s routine. I was quite shocked to see a write up praising Bikram in our own little Camp Hill Newsletter (May 2014 — I can’t find it online or I would include it).

Yoga is an excellent means of health for our body, mind, and emotions. All forms of yoga are good, we are fortunate to get the chance to experience any type of yoga — and to have choices to choose which ever form meets our needs — or likes and desires.

Choosing not to support a person like Bikram is one step toward cleaning up our corporations and our politicians — a small but hopeful step forward for all mankind 🙂

Bobbi Misiti
Befit Body & Mind Yoga



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