Know your Farmer — We want farmers markets with farmers that grow and sell their own food


Locally and preferably organic.
Locally grown produce contains more vitamins and minerals, and is friendlier for the environment.

Locally grown produce also helps us eat with the seasons: Seasonal foods carry specific seasonal microbes that amp up immunity, increase or decrease digestive strength, and create the perfect seasonal microbiome to thrive in each season. (
A farmers market is just that, a market where you meet your farmer. Why do so many stands in the West Shore Farmers Market sell grocery store produce?

I want to know my farmer! Can I eat your Dirt?
It is important to know your farmer these days. The use of round up and other herbicides is killing the good bacteria in our soil and food supply. These bacteria help our immune systems resist disease and help our digestive systems digest reducing diabetes, allergies, cancer, and many auto-immune diseases. Glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup—has been reclassified as a Class 2 A “probable carcinogen.” Roundup has also been found to boost antibiotic resistance. Many other herbicides and pesticides do the same. They are killing our soils and degrading our food supply.

In the case of citrus, avos, pomegranates and other items we can not locally grow (for example raw European cheeses) I would like my supplier to know who grew that produce (or made the cheese) and what their farming methods are.

Speak with your pocket books. Do not buy grocery store produce from a farmers market.

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