2-Step Disinfectant Spray

Photo From: 2-Step Disinfectant Spray

photo credit: Bobbi Misiti


  • Hydrogen Peroxide in a dark spray bottle
  • White Vinegar in a separate glass spray bottle
  • 5-6 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2-3 drops Clove Oil


MIx the Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil in the glass bottle with the vinegar and shake well.

Peroxide and vinegar deliver a 1-2 punch that beats bleach without killing us. Interestingly, mixing the two together was not as effective, so first spray peroxide and wipe off, then spray vinegar with essential oils and wipe off.

For Spray bottles, I like to re-use pellegrino, perrier, or glass vinegar bottles. Their screw caps match up to the screw caps on most sprayers that come from plastic bottles. For storage, I pull the sprayer out and put the lid on. Some essential oils can break down plastic (especially citrus oils) so you do not want your pre-made cleaning products that have lemon oil or other citrus oils in them in contact with plastic for storage. To put the sprayer in the bottle just for use should not be long enough for the lemon to start to break down the plastic.

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