Black Drawing Salve

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Have a splinter? Or something you need to draw out of your skin like a boil or an infection? Black drawing salves are safe to use and can help pull toxins, slivers, impurities, cactus needles, vana spines, or needle like pieces of wood from your skin.  

This black drawing salve can also relieve pain and help cure spider and bug bites and ingrown hairs.

Main ingredients:

Activated charcoal, charcoal is a detoxifier in purifier, it helps to clean wounds and draw out imperfections.

Red Hawaiian clay or bentonite clay – Clays do different functions depending on their composition. Red hawaiian clay is deeply detoxifying. It is not always available, when its not I use bentonite clay because it enhances detoxification and works will with the drawing action of charcoal.

Herbal infused oils of mallow, comfrey, plantain, and yarrow (when its available). Comfrey speeds wound healing, it is known as bone-knit, it helps cuts and scrapes heal quicker, its also good for bruises and help improve sprains/strains of ligaments and tendons. Plantain is medicinal weed that is probably growing in your garden. Plantain improves wound healing, reduces inflammation, and helps stop the itch from bug bites. Yarrow speeds healing of cuts and wounds and reduces skin inflammation. 

Mallow is lesser known, it offers pain relief, boosts the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, can help prevent bacterial infections, and can also provide relief to the respiratory system.

Beeswax is what makes a salve a salve, it holds all the ingredients together and it is also good for the skin.

Honey is highly anti-microbial, I included a little in the recipe to help reduce the risk of infections.

And essential oils of frankincense and tea tree. Frankincense to relieve pain and stress from the injury, tea tree to reduce the risk of infection and  help speed healing.

1 oz jar $18.00 Contact Bobbi to order.

  • ALL Ingredients are sustainably wild harvested, cultivated certified organic, biodynamic, or grown without chemicals

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, mallow, plantain, comfrey, yarrow, beeswax, activated charcoal, red Hawaiian clay (or bentonite clay), honey, and essential oils of frankincense carterii, and tea tree.


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