Brightening and Tightening with Rose and Wild Orange Facial & Décolleté Oil

Photo From: Brightening and Tightening with Rose and Wild Orange Facial & Décolleté Oil


We use the finest ethically sourced ingredients.  All supplies are sustainably wild harvested or cultivated certified organic or pesticide free, biodynamic, or “cultivated without chemicals”.

Ingredients: Rosehip seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, and essential oils of wild orange and rose

My new favorite simple synergy of two essential oils, rose and wild orange. Rose is a very complex scent with over 100 different plant compounds making up it’s fragrance. Rose has an affinity for the skin, the female hormones, and the heart. It is a healing scent that heals our emotions and refreshes our skin. Rose has a tightening effect helping skin to look and feel more youthful. Wild orange is a bright, citrusy, sparkling scent that lifts the emotions and brightens our skin. Rose and wild orange together create a brightening and tightening effect on skin.

I combined them into a blend of rosehip seed oil and red raspberry seed oil. Rosehip is a natural precursor to vitamin A which restores and rebuilds skin. Both rosehip and red raspberry seed oils are high in essential fatty acids which repair and protect skin from the environment and from aging. This new facial serum is perfect for overnight treatments or spot treatments around eyes to brighten and tighten the skin.

1/2 oz cobalt blue bottle $38.00
Please contact Bobbi to order.

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