Calm and Positivity Meditation amongst CoVid19 – We all have each other.

This recording was a trial run of the online meditation I did on facebook to help us navigate these interesting times.  I meant to record the live class … but forgot!  So here it is.  I made this recording outside on the lanai (porch) here in Maui so you will hear birds and chimes and maybe even a passing airplane or 2.

I did not give a lot of alignment cues at the beginning of this audio, so here are a few:  You can lie down, sit in a meditation position, or sit upright  in a couch or chair.  What matters is that you are comfortable and relaxed.  If you are lying down, its nice to lie on your back in a rest pose type of position. If you are seated, try to keep your spine fairly straight without being rigid, shoulders relaxed, hands resting in your lap.

Enjoy and breathe deep!  Much love to you <3


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