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Essential oil blends and practices to harmonize your chakras.

These are excerpts from a much larger chakra workshop I offer. The full workshops pulls together Eastern and Western influences in the chakra system along with pranayamas for each charka, tapping meditations, yoga practices, and of course, aromatics and teas 🙂 This workshop will be available to purchase through For more information or consultations on your chakra system contact Bobbi.

Essential oil blends to aid in balancing each chakra, harmonizing our well being

Muladhara – Root Chakra or first chakra with an Earthy and Sweet Aromatic Blend

Muladhara, root chakra symbol

Dropping your attention to the root of your spine.  The first chakra is located at the base of the spine at the  coccygeal plexus (tailbone). The Hatha Yoga Pradipika (HYP 2.5) places the first chakra in females at the cervix, and in males at the perineal floor.  The first chakra is the root of foundation that supports our structure.  It is our center of community, where we store energy about our family, culture, and social habits.  Our first chakra grounds us, it is our connection to traditional family beliefs. It supports the formation of our identity and sense of belonging to a group. The emphasis is on loyalty and physical survival.

As tribal beings we are designed to live together, to create together, to learn together, to be together, and to need one another. We need community. Community is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Difficult family challenges cause us to lose power primarily from our first chakra, when not resolved.

Maintaining the health of our individual first chakra depends upon addressing our personal family issues. And in community, to rise to higher human consciousness we need to be aware of and resolve our defensive mechanisms. Pay attention to what triggers you or your defensive mechanisms, that is your entry point to this kind of work.

A tea for your first chakra

Sipping rooibos tea with its reddish earthy flavor will help us connect to this energy center. Rooibos is good for our bones and entire body making it a good tea for our first chakra, which is our chakra of embodiment.

Aromatically root essential oils provide strength and stability. They are calming, sedative, they help us go inward and be reflective allowing us a moment to choose instead of react. Root essential oils support us in challenging situations. Any root oil will help us establish our connection to being grounded.

I’ve combined cooling vetiver root with warming angelica root to balance out our first chakra. While vetiver has a much stronger scent, angelic root has a sweeter lighter scent that reduces the heaviness of vetiver.

To purchase a synergy of vetiver and *angelica root — Earthy and Sweet:
5mL $47.00
*Angelica root essential oils is photosensitizing. Do NOT use if you will be in the sun.
To order Contact Bobbi.

Best way to apply?

You could also make a foot massage oil with your first chakra blend using 15 drops per ounce of carrier oil. Sesame oil is a bit warming and a nice oil for the feet. I keep a bottle by my bed and massage my feet most nights before sleep. In the morning before you get out of bed massage the soles of your feet (but maybe not with oil), you could even use a spoon rubbing the back of the spoon on your soles. The soles of your feet, specifically the “bubbling well” spot of your foot – that little hollow in the middle of the ball of your foot – is where we absorb earth energy when we walk barefoot on the earth, take a moment and massage your bubbling well. You also stimulate a lot of reflexology spots on the soles of your feet by spooning or massaging them. It makes a nice start to your day!

Any scent that reminds you of you of a parent or grandparent can be very calming and grounding and supportive of your first chakra.

Svadisthana – 2nd Chakra – In Sanskrit the name of this chakra is Svadhisthana, meaning “one’s own place” (“Swa” means self and “adhishthana” means established or standing place).

Svadhishthana, sacral chakra symbol. Colorful mandala.

Place your attention on your lower abdomen area, feel creation and creativity flowing from this area. 

The second chakra is the partnership chakra.  Location is the sacral plexus in our lower abdomen to navel area, the region that houses our organs of reproduction. This chakra is the source of our creative energy – physical, sexually, and emotionally. It is through our reproductive organs that creation occurs.

It is also our center of control. It resonates our need for relationships with other people (outside family or community) and our need to control our environment instead of letting family control our environment.

With the second chakra energy shifts from obeying tribal authority to discovering other relationships that satisfy personal or physical needs.

The element of the 2nd chakra is water, water helps us flow through our lives. Flow and creativity go hand in hand, when we are creative the ideas flow. Emotions need to flow, when emotions don’t flow they get stuck, our energy gets stuck. Creativity will help move stuck energy.

The essential oils that help balance second chakra energy are orange, patchouli and carrot seed. 

Juicy citrus essential oils will help to balance this chakra which holds the energy of water and flow, especially orange. Orange wakes up our taste buds, while the essential oil lifts our spirits and encourages us to connect with each other. Carrot seed essential oil carrying the quality of the color orange which the carrot will become also helps to boost our creativity. Carrots have abundant water content helping to keep flow in our body. Water is grounding also, when I swim in a large body of water I feel grounded. Wet earth more easily transfers earths energy to our body. Carrot seed essential oil is a nice mix between grounding and flow. The second chakra is still a lower chakra that helps to ground our being.

Patchouli can be a mild aphrodisiac, its scent brings us peace of mind and helps to clear negative emotions making us feel better. Which in turn improves our mood and enhances our relationships.

One of the best ways to balance the 2nd chakra is to take a bath. Drop 5-6 drops into a 1/2 ounce of carrier oil. Draw your tub and add in 1 cup epsom salts and half a cup of baking soda. Crawl in then pour in your carrier oil and 2nd chakra belnd. Relax, breathe deep and slow through your nose and repeat the seed sound VAM VAM VAM VAM, Om VAM Namaha. As you repeat the mantra visualize water flowing through your nadis cleansing them.

When this center is truly flowing there is unlimited creativity and love. We are in touch with our intuitive voice and indecision gives way to certainty.

To purchase our Svadisthana synergy of Sweet Orange, Patchouli, and Carrot Seed:
5mL $15.00
To order Contact Bobbi.

Tea for you Svadhisthana – Turmeric, vitally orange and serving over 500 health benefits to the body is my tea of choice for our second chakra. Start each morning with a turmeric tea brewing to improve the health of your 2nd chakra and overall health too. Slice fresh turmeric root, add in some black peppercorns, maybe a little ginger and cardamom, and a cinnamon stick. Boil for 10 minutes, strain and sip.

Manipura – Our solar plexus chakra, the chakra of our personal power. Mani means jewel, pura means city or place, so it means the place of our jewel. 

Place your attention in your solar plexus just above the navel, see a fire burning bright and strong. This is our center of personal power, the magnetic core of our personality and ego. As you focus on that area see your light radiating from your core throughout your entire body, feeling it shine out your eyes. Slowly inhale and exhale feeling your breath stoke the flames of your inner fire 

The 3rd chakra is the chakra of fire and assimilation. The solar plexus is connected to our digestive fire and helps us to physically digest food, psychologically digest emotions and experiences, and metaphysically digest prana and the air we breathe. Our breath also needs to be “digested” into the cells.

The element of the third chakra is fire and it is associated with the sun. Fire represents transformations such as digestion.

We don’t just digest food through our manipura fire, we also need to digest emotions and experiences. When we can not digest a particularly challenging emotion we store it in our tissues, where according to the work of Candace Pert it literally blocks the flow of information in our body and can lead to painful areas. Stuck neuropeptides can be released through deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and cuddling 🙂 Also we can use aromatics to assist us in digesting and assimilating our hard to digest experiences.

Warming digestive aromatics will support our third chakra energy center, help to give us power in our digestion to assimilate our foods and experiences. I chose ginger as the main component, and a clove as supportive. Clove is has a strong phenylpropanoid component, which has the benzene ring similar to phenols but not as aggravating to the skin. I added in lemon to help it absorb into the tissues. 

To use add 30 drops to a carrier oil such as sesame or jojoba (this is a 5% dilution —so it’s a stronger dilution for short term use): Massage it around your abdomen in the order of digestion* waking up this powerful energy center of our body.

*The direction of digestion is clockwise on the abdomen, up the right side, across the top and down the left side of your abdomen. Spend a little more time massaging the “corners” of your colon just under the lower ribs, this is where matter tends to get sluggish.

15 mL Manipura – Digest and Glow
Ginger, Lemon, Clove synergy


5% dilution of Manipura Digest and Glow  in 1 oz jojoba
To order Contact Bobbi.

Also smelling the warming spice oils stimulate the vagus nerve helping our body relax and digest.

If you have too much heat in your body, this may show up as diarrhea. 

Diarrhea can also be a result emotionally of rejecting ideas too quickly — both your own and others ideas. Or maybe there is a situation you can’t assimilate so you want to expel it. Or maybe you feel you’re being rejected? Putting your ideas out there without being arrogant can calm worry over getting rejected.

If your digestion is overactive and loose; I like to make a calming digestive blend of 

In 1 oz of carrier oil:
10 drops Roman Chamomile
8 Drops Cardamom
5 drops ginger
2 drops peppermint

Or for nervous bellies this blend can help calm the butterflies:

1 oz carrier oil:
Lavender – 7 drops
Ginger – 3 drops
Fennel – 3 drops
Roman Chamomile – 2 drop

Fourth Chakra the Love Chakra – Anahata 

The fourth chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit, “Anahata” means “unhurt or unstruck.”  It can signify remaining unhurt, unmarred through life’s challenges —or it can mean the unstruck sound; such as the sound of OM that arises from the universe —an unstruck sound that you can hear when your mind is silent or listening inward.

This chakra is situated at the heart, it is the cardiac plexus in the physical body. It is connected to our heart, respiration, and thymus gland. It is  responsible for the emotions of love vs. hate and compassion vs. cruelty.

Our heart chakra is our center of compassion and unconditional love.  Love for everyone, everything regardless of color, background, species, or form.  It is your emotional center.  This chakra stores information about harmony,  love, and forgiveness.

The fourth chakra is the central powerhouse of the human energy system.  The middle chakra, it mediates between the body and its lower three chakras, and the spirit and our upper three chakras. The heart chakra brings the physical and the spiritual together in harmony.

Fourth chakra energy is emotional in nature and helps propel our emotional development.  This chakra embodies the spiritual lesson that teaches us how to act out of love and compassion and recognize that the most powerful energy we have is love.

“We are not born fluent in love but spend our life learning about it.  Its energy is pure power.  We are as attracted to love as we are intimidated by it.  We are motivated by love, controlled by it, inspired by it, healed by it, and destroyed by it.  Each of life’s challenges is a lesson in some aspect of love.” (Carolyn Myss)

Herbs and oils for the heart …. Rose! Both the essential oil of rose, and tea made with rose buds. A rose coming into full bloom is like the heart expanding and sending its love energy outward. I’m drawn to tulsi also for my heart chakra and one of my favorite teas is tulsi and rose.

For my heart chakra I like to make an oil of rose and neroli in a base of red raspberry seed oil. I massage it around my heart in a circular clockwise directions as I breathe in the aroma pausing with the scent of flowers. Flowers represent beauty and attraction, they are medicine for our emotions and our heart, yet they are as tender as are we.

15mL (1/2 oz) Anahata Love for All
Red Raspberry seed oil with essential oils of Rose and Neroli
To order Contact Bobbi.

The Fifth Chakra – Vishuddi

The fifth charka is called vishuddhi which means “especially pure”. Especially pure in thought, speech, and deed.

The fifth chakra is located in the middle your throat, connected to the cervical plexus and thyroid gland. It  maintains purity in the body and mind.

It embodies the challenges of surrendering our own willpower to divine intervention. The notion of releasing our power of choice to a Divine force remains the greatest struggle for the individual seeking to become conscious. 

When you release your power of choice to a divine source you are not giving up comforts — you are allowing the universe to guide you— having faith in the unscheduled events of your life.

It comes down to faith, having the faith to know we will either be given solid ground to stand on … or wings to fly … And then not being fearful of taking the leap.

At the fifth chakra you learn how to generate the power to move yourself out of energetically stuck places — through will or through voice.   Your ability to speak up and define your own needs is housed at this level. 

The element of truth is spoken through our 5th chakra, the more truths we speak the better balanced our 5th chakra is. Satya means truth in Sanskrit, it is a yama which is the first limb of Patanjali’s eight limbed ashtanga yoga. Satya is best translated as “Speak the truth, but don’t hurt.” This can be difficult. I break it down to this saying I learned from a friend a long time ago:

Say what you Mean
Mean what you say
And don’t say it Mean

Breathing for your vishuddi chakra

Feel the air as it enters your nostrils, see if you can feel 3 streams of air —we have two nostrils but three air streams; 2 larger streams going to the lungs, and one little stream to the brain. As you inhale pull the air into the two streams going to the lungs, feel the air your breathe go through your windpipe, relax your jaw (keeping your lips closed and tongue up on the roof of your mouth) and imagine as if you are breathing right through your throat. Now put a little sound to your breath, make your breath sound as if you are sleeping. Keep your jaw relaxed. Feel how this calms your brain and relaxes your eyes. Allow your eyes to relax and go out of focus.

The pranayama called ujjayi is particularly balancing for the 5th chakra, ujjayi is commonly used in some yoga classes as a way to breathe with sound, but it also a specific pranayama practice that is cooling and calming to the body and mind. The simplest form is to just make your breath a little louder, as if you were sleeping. Take a few breaths making a pleasant sound keeping your jaw relaxed. Breathing in this way stimulates the vagus nerve in your neck helping you to feel calm —which is why we do it all night long while we sleep.

Essential oils for our 5th chakra

There are several essential oils for the 5th chakra that come to my mind; myrrh and myrtle being at the top of them because they can help regulate your thyroid. Myrtle is also astringent, as so it can help us with clear speaking.

Geranium comes to mind because it helps reduce worry about the future therefore allowing us to trust in where our journey takes us.

Cypress is also a good choice for the throat, as I was learning about cypress essential oil, I learned to use a pipette (or your finger) to place one drop of cypress near the back of your throat to stop a sore throat. I did not have a sore throat but tried it anyway. It felt so soothing to my throat. I enjoyed the experience.

Yarrow is especially good for the 5th chakra as well, not only is its color representative of the 5th chakra color, yarrow is wound healer —it said it can heal the warrior and heal the wounded — very healing for our tender center of surrender. Yarrow can help release nervousness and anxiety helping us stay calm and collected as we navigate our truths. Going with the vibrant blue oils to match the vibrant color of our vishuddhi chakra I also like German chamomile for the 5th chakra. German chamomile is calming, it supports a peaceful mind which helps us more clearly speak our truth.

I decided to make Vishuddhi synergy of Myrtle, Yarrow, and German chamomile in a base of jojoba and tamanu oils. I included tamanu because it has a toning effect which would support thyroid function, it’s anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and promotes growth of healthy skin. It also has an SPF of about 22 making it a protector as well. Massage this in a heart shaped motion around your thyroid.

Ingredients: Jojoba and tamanu oils with essential oils of myrtle, yarrow, and German chamomile.
1 oz bottle $26.00
To order Contact Bobbi.

Ajna … The 6th chakra of perception and wisdom. Ajna means to perceive.  

Our perceptions are a big part of our life. Our eyes see in our physical body, but perception happens in the subtle body. We can not see without  the brain interpreting — literally perceiving what the eyes see. Perceptions vary according to our past experiences and beliefs. All of life is an illusion!

As you sit tall, slowing down your breath and breathing consciously, place your awareness right where you would imagine a third eye to be. 

In yoga the literal third eye is vertical and not seen,  though it is sometimes depicted as this picture of Shiva. In most unaware individuals it is believed the third eye is closed. When you open it through meditation, breathing, and awareness practices you experience clear insight, strong intuitions, inner wisdom, open-mindedness, and intellectual balance.

Meditating on your third eye, see it open. With its vertical presence it sees different realms than our two horizontal eyes can see. Imagine gazing through your third eye and seeing unseen emotions or energies behind people or situations.

Start to imagine you have a vertical third eye, see it flutter open as if it is just waking up. Looking through your third eye try to get a feeling for the different realms it can see and how that might guide you.

Opening the third-eye chakra is best done through contemplation and meditation practices. Breathing exercises are also a type of meditation and are many times easier to work with than sitting and directing your thoughts only.

Insight, being intuitive —the ability to gain perspective from within using our inner wisdom and inner vision are ways we can heal our ajna chakra. The 6th chakra is our intuitive sense. When we are mindful it is more conducive to enhancing our insight.

Start to pay attention, honor your intuitive signals — and the myriad of ways they can come through. 

  • Clairvoyance is insight through images
  • Clairaudence is insight through sound
  • Clairsentience is insight through touch or feeling
  • Clair-olfactance is insight through smell

The more you pay attention the more intuitive hits you’ll get!

Aromatics for our third-eye chakra … Clary sage of course! Even the name of this herb nods to clairvoyance. Clary sage can help to put us in touch with our dreams and distance us from our worries. Clary sage is known for its euphoric affect and is an emotional balancer. I often put one drop of clary sage on my pillow just before going to sleep at night.

Rosemary cineol chemotype, and sage, Salvia officinalis. Rosemary is good for memory and learning, sage is an herb of wisdom and it also as the 1.8 cineole giving it a cephalic aroma. I also added in Spanish Sage (Salvia lavandulaefolia), it has been shown to be neuro-protective and memory enhancing. Spanish sage encourages us to develop the insight and wisdom of the sage.

I’ve made a synergy of these sages and rosemary and placed it in jojoba. I like to rub a little on my third eye and my entire scalp. Rosemary and jojoba strengthen the hair.  

  • Rosemary essential oil has been clinically shown to improve hair growth due to its ability to improve circulation helping follicles get more nutrients preventing hair loss. Rosemary is also anti-inflammatory and promotes nerve growth which may contribute to improving hair growth.
  • Jojoba is a liquid wax and adds shine and manageability to hair, jojoba oil works by forming a protective coating over each strand of hair, which helps reduce frizz, lock in moisture, and soften hair.

Ingredients: Jojoba and essential oils of Spanish sage, clary sage, sage, and rosemary ct. cineole.
1 oz: $20.00
To order Contact Bobbi.

Tea for your ajna chakra, mugwort. Mugwort helps open the Third Eye and can allow you to operate through your sixth sense. It enhances active dreams to help you connect to your intuition.  It also allows you to start to sense the intentions of others. It heightens the imagination so you can visualize more vividly and connect to spiritually healing dimensions of perception.

Becoming conscious means living fully in the present moment, knowing that no situation or person will be exactly the same tomorrow.  Change is constant; we need to learn it is a natural part of life and to “flow with it, not against it.”

Sahasrara – The 1000 petaled lotus flower that sits just above our crown.  

Sahasrara (sa-haas-raaar-ra) means a thousand petals referring to a  thousand petalled lotus flower.  It is the highest chakra in terms of location and consciousness; it is located at the crown of the head and above the head. It associated with our pituitary gland.

The seventh chakra is our connection to our spiritual nature and our capacity to allow our spirituality to become an integral part of our physical lives and guide us.  It is our center of mysticism and grace. When you experience connection with the divine, it is at the level of the seventh chakra.

The seventh chakra contains the purest form of the energy of grace.  Grace is unmerited divine assistance. Believing you have divine assistance even if you don’t deserve it, helps us connect through our spirit and through love. It is the energy center for spiritual insight, vision, and intuition far beyond ordinary human consciousness.  It is the mystical realm, a dimension of conscious rapport with the divine.

The thousand petaled lotus flower is represented by 20 layers of 50 petals each. This chakra is sometimes thought to be a cluster of the chakras in the skull. For example there is a soma chakra at the root of our nose, and the back of the head were monks may gather a tuft of hair or shave a bare spot. There are several chakras between the ajna and sahasrara and are also responsible for the higher states of consciousness we seek.

Reaching the crown chakra energetically is equated with freedom from limitations, freedom from time and space. The confines of the body are overcome. As we start to recognize our consciousness extends beyond our physical body our consciousness becomes free to travel into any part of the universe or other dimension.  

As we recognize our oneness with all of life then its not hard to fathom how a mountain or tree is sentient or a flower or planet or star has awareness —and can influence us. By extending our consciousness through our crown chakra we can ‘ensoul’ any part of creation.

While the crown chakra is not exactly in the body or the brain, it is associated with the pituitary gland. In yogic lore the pituitary gland secretes our amrita bindhu, the nectar of life. When we live a disassociated life, eat bad food, or have negative thoughts  we burn up the nectar of life —it literally drips down into our agni fire where it is burned up. Many

Maui Blue Lotus Flowers

yoga practices, including inversions, are about preserving this nectar of life in the crown chakra.

Tea for my crown chakra: Lavender. It is calming and soothing, allowing you to get into a healing vibration. It can help move energy from the lower chakras to the upper so that you can experience happiness and joy.

Aromatics for the crown chakra — Blue Lotus. It is a true blue Egyptian lily; Nymphaea caerulea. It is known to promote a meditative state, and to be an aphrodisiac. It promotes peace and harmony, creates a sense of euphoria enhancing mood. 

As for application;  I just like to smell it, and imagine. I also like to put 1 drop just below my nose and do the Living Spirit Meditation (which we will do shortly). 

The lessons of the lotus flowers; The lotus flower grows in mud and muck and thus is symbolic of rising above the muck in its life and blooms beautifully, despite the obstacles. In yogic lore, the lotus is a metaphor for how all past experiences, especially negative ones, can be used as fertile soil for blooming into a more awakened being, capable of giving graciously and profoundly to others. 

The lotus within you is ready to bloom 🙂

Alternatively frankincense would be my second choice. Frankincense lifts our spirits toward the spiritual. Calms our minds and hearts and gives us space to breathe and find our peace.

Frankincense and Myrrh – Two of the primary active compounds in these oils; monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes increase oxygen around the receptor sights of the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands.  And both compounds are highly anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  Sesquiterpenes also have a calming effect on the emotional center of our hypothalamus.

Ways to use them?  Diffuse, personal inhaler, whiff from the bottle, or make an anointing oil or body oil.

Instead of selling these oils myself and I am going to refer you to the Original Swiss Aromatics website where I buy 1mL bottles of the Blue Lotus Absolute. It is a highly adulterated oil so I stick to a sound and secure supplier of it.

Original Swiss Aromatics Blue Lotus Absolute

Yet to come!

Chakra Harmonizing Blends. I have had several requests to make a blend for all the chakras. I thought first I would attempt this by making a blend for the lower three and a separate blend for the upper four. 

From there I will attempt a balancing blend for our seven major chakra centers. 


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