EFT Tapping for your Meridians

Familiar with EFT tapping? This is a useful tool from TCM, a 5 minute tapping session standing right in your office or standing in your kitchen can be very effective at mitigating stress.

I have a little tapping routine I like where you tap on all your meridians and say a positive affirmation about the organ the meridian effects.

EFT Tapping on your Meridians

Physical tapping helps to move energy, chi or prana, in other words physical tapping can help blood flow, neurons move, lymph flow, hormones secrete …. stretching can help move energy too and remove tension and stuck energy as well, so can shaking out — also good is massage.

Stand up or Sit tall and shake yourself out, start with your hands, take it into your arms and legs, now shake your booty 🙂

Tapping on al the ends of the meridian points with affirmations can help remove stress, stuck energy, cravings and even just odd emotions you want to shake off.

Just lightly tapping with your fingertips about 5-7x Inhale and say the affirmation to yourself.  I like to say it two times while I tap on that meridian:

Tap on the top of the head and say with inhale “I open my self to higher information”

Peace sign fingers between the eye brows (bladder points) “I am open, hopeful, vital, and fully alive”

Sides of eyes on bones (gall bladder points) “I assert myself peacefully releasing all anger and resentment”

Stomach points, about worry on cheekbones “I trust in the process of life”

Under nose — end of governing meridian — the meridian I talk about with jiva bandha – this is the “bony” meridian.  Stretch your top lip downward and tap just under your nose with two fingers and say “I am grounded in gratitude”.

Under neath the low lip, is our central meridian — this is the soft tissue meridian of our jiva bandha — tap and say “I am centered in spirit”.

K27 – kidneys — connected with fear just below collar bones on both sides (think Tarzan), tap with two hands and say “I move forward with courage”.

Thymus bone on chest bone center, give a nice solid tap and say “my immune system is strong and healthy”.

Spleen points (on left side) and neuro-lymohatics points for liver (on right side), “I nourish myself with kindness” — tapping both sides strongly can also even improve digestion.

Hold up both hands and tap the center of both wrists together, this is your pericardium meridian — pericardium’s job is to take care of your heart. Tapping center of your wrists together say “I take good care of my heart”.

Ends of pinkies — tapping both together, this is your heart meridian — “I love myself deeply and completely”

Shake out

Now tap the inside of your wrists at the end of the thumbs (lung meridians) tap both hands together — one hand facing toward body one hand facing away. “I let go of stale prana, I breathe in pure clear prana”.

Shake out

The ‘Karate chop point’ is a popular tapping point,  tapping both sides of your palms together or just tap one hand with the other. This is your small intestine meridian, it has to do with making decisions. “I know what I want I am decisive”.

Flare of nose — large intestine meridian. schmoosh down skin on over teeth — tap with both hands at the flare of both nostrils. “I let go of anger, fear, guilt, and shame”.

Shake out again.  I like to end with a version simhasana or simhagarjanasana “roaring lion pose” — a yoga pose where you exhale and stick your tongue out as far as you can while you roll your eyeballs upward to gaze at your third eye point.  Take a deep inhale lean forward stick your tongue out, gaze toward your third eye and exhale a little roar.  I like to do this 3x.  This removes tension and stress from the chest and diaphragm, and the eye position is helpful in balancing the nervous system and increasing alpha waves.  
Pgs. 106 and 115 “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha” by Bihar School of Yoga

Credits:  The above session can be found on video, Nick Polizzi with the Sacred Science posted this video with Maryna Allan taking us through this tapping session.

Here is a link to a popular tapping site that I like, The Tapping Solution, they have some tapping sessions available at no charge on their site.

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