Grapefruit Blossom Perfume & Body Oil


Grapefruit blossoms from Maui infused into organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia, chinensis).

This is an absolutely lovey body oil and perfume.  Grapefruit is a powerful lymphatic mover — get the benefits of moisturized skin, improved lymphatic flow, and lovely scent all in one easy to apply body oil.

Jojoba is actually a liquid wax from a desert plant, not an oil.  It penetrates the skin nicely providing emolliency and protection while leaving no oily residue.  Jojoba excels at general skin care, it can dissolve acne, is anti-inflammatory, is used often in skin regeneration — helping to fade stretch marks and other skin imperfections, and it is used for aging prevention in facial oils.  
It is odorless so its scent will not interfere with the lovely scent of the grapefruit blossoms.  Jojoba is one of my favorite oils for face and body.

1 oz bottle = $15.00  Contact Bobbi to order. 

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