Hibiscus & Rose Sugar Body Scrub

Photo From: Hibiscus & Rose Sugar Body Scrub


8 oz jar $15.00 contact Bobbi to order.

Ingredients:  *Coconut brown sugar, *cane sugar,  finely ground *cardamom, *rose buds, and *hibiscus flowers, *vanilla infused jojoba, *calendula infused EVOO, and essential oils of cardamom, elemis, and ylang ylang.

This is a lovely body scrub that cleans our bodies while helping us integrate our day.

I ground hibiscus and rose petals and mixed them into sugar.  Hibiscus and rose are both lovely for the skin.  Hibiscus gives this scrub it’s lovely color, it is high in Vitamin C and flavonoids and reduces free radical stress in the body (acts as an anti-oxidant).  It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and an antioxidant that is good for our skin.

Sugar, while being bad for us internally, is lovely for our skin.  Sugar feeds our skin microbes that protect us.

I added ground cardamom and cardamom essential oil.  Emotionally cardamom essential oil helps us “digest” life’s experience, and integrate them safely.  It is a unique digestive herb in that it is cooling unlike most digestive herbs, therefore great to scrub on and around the abdomen.  Cardamom also has a eucalyptol content making it a nice respiratory oil as well.  Along with the rose and ylang ylang in this body scrub cardamom is also an aphrodisiac.

Elemi is a more unique essential oil in is like the “frankincense of the Philippines” being a physical, emotional, and spiritual healer.  It also exudes a resin that is centering, good for reducing anxiety, and balancing to the emotions and psyche.  It is also good for digestion.

Combined with cardamom and ylang ylang it is relaxing and delicious scent that helps us digest our lives.

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