Immortelle Facial Spot Remover

Photo From: Immortelle Facial Spot Remover

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


Have a few capillaries shining through your facial skin? Or a spot that you’d like to disappear?  Or maybe some help hydrating crows feet?

This is the facial oil to try! I formulated it with the top oils for facial skin healing that lighten and brighten your complexion, check out these ingredients:

Rosehip seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Calendula infused Organic extra virgin olive oil, and essential oils of: frankincense & myrrh co-distillation, rose otto, wild Corsican helichrysum, neroli, sandalwood, and Roman chamomile.

1/2 oz $35.00
1 oz $60.00

Rosehip seed oil is nourishing to skin and one of the best tissue regenerators for scars, skin burns and premature aging. Cranberry seed oil is especially good for skin and for improving saggy skin and wrinkles.  It is a perfect balance of omegas 3,6, & 9.  Here is what Berry Beautiful has to say about their cranberry seed oil:  It has superlative anti-ageing functionality due to unparalleled tocotrienol (”Super vitamin-E”) content. It stimulates collagen production and acts to repair damaged collagen.  High phytosterol content helps reduce signs of sun damage, reduce inflammation and offers relief for irritated skin. High in Vitamin A and carotenoid content provides additional antioxidant protection.  Maintains the health of skin cell membranes, which results in so, moist and supple skin.

In the essential oil synergy; the Frankincense and Myrrh are good at lightening age spots and improving over all skin tone.

Rose otto essential oil –a very precious oil, is superior at tightening skin and brightening complexion –Rose is a champion for skin care! It’s scent makes you smile and is used often for emotional healing.  Rose is gently cooling — skin health can be interrupted by internal and external heat, rose will reduce the heat and inflammation for your skin.  Rose is known to create and restore clear and lustrous skin.

Sandalwood has a uniquely rich and smooth fragrance along with potent healing properties that calm our mind and nervous system while hydrating our skin and balancing sebum secretion.

Helichrysum is a healer — it improves micro-circulation and is a cellular regenerator helping to heal skin. 

Neroli has a distinctive action for supporting skin renewal.  It is a light, sweet and delicate scent renowned for its ability to enhance sensual and euphoric moods.  

Roman chamomile reduces inflammation of the skin and adds a bright cheery scent.

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