Orange Dreamsicle Body Scrub

Photo From: Orange Dreamsicle Body Scrub

Photo by Patrick McDowell


This is a heavenly body scrub, it smells like you are wrapping yourself in a vanilla orange dream 🙂  I used less carrier oil and more salt than usual resulting in a nice “dry” body scrub. If you like more oil in your body scrubs you can extend it by adding in more carrier oil of your choice, jojoba or hemp seed are both nice options.

All the oils and essential oils are superb for skin — sandalwood is hydrating and nourishing to skin while it calms our mind and makes us feel happy.  Frankincense improves complexion while calming our mind and body. Chamomile — both German and Roman chamomiles are represented in this scrub, German chamomile flowers are ground in with the salt, and Roman chamomile essential oil is added to the essential oil synergy.  German chamomile is highly anti-inflammatory with anti-histamine properties, and roman chamomile is calming to our nervous system and mind (and also anti-inflammatory).

Dead Sea salts, dried and ground Matricaria recutita flowers, dried and ground orange rind (from local oranges (Maui) that have NEVER been sprayed), Vanilla infused jojoba oil, and essential oils of Santalum album, Boswellia carterii, Chamaemelum nobile.

Available for purchase:  8oz jar $21.00 Contact Bobbi to order.

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