Regenerative Facial Oil w/ Carrot & Rosehip

Photo From: Regenerative Facial Oil w/ Carrot & Rosehip

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


Carrot infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan oil, Organic Rosehips seed oil with essential oils of carrot seed, helichrysum, and sandalwood.

Regenerative oils help your skin regenerate and stay youthful.  The oils absorbs nicely, reducing wrinkles while keeping skin hydrated.

I infused Maui local organic small farm carrots into high quality extra virgin organic olive oil, and also used carrot seed essential oil in the blend; carrot is high in beta carotene and is an excellent cellular regenerator that helps to heal broken capillaries and spots on the skin, it is used both as a preventative and a treatment for wrinkles.

Rosehip seed oil is nourishing to skin and one of the best tissue regenerators for scars, skin burns and premature aging.

Sandalwood has a uniquely rich and smooth fragrance along with potent healing properties that calm our mind and nervous system while hydrating our skin and balancing sebum secretion.  Helichrysum is a healer — it improves micro-circulation and is also cellular regenerator helping to heal skin.

1 oz bottle $25.00
1/2 oz. $15.00
Contact Bobbi to order 717/443-1119.


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