Relax & Heal; Topical Analgesic Salve

Photo From: Relax & Heal; Topical Analgesic Salve

Photo by Bobbi


This is Bobbi’s version of the Asana Kisser I sold at my studio for the last 15 years.  I have customized it to make it less greasy and also less likely to stain clothes.  I sometimes affectionately call it Ashtanga Kisser 😉

This is a pain relieving salve, along with pain relief this salve opens up the airways for better breathing, helps you to relax and focus and smells good.  Perfect for yoga or meditation practices.

I sell this in 2 oz glass jars $15.00 + tax  
Free 1/2 ounce tin samples available by request.
Contact Bobbi to order.

Everything is organic or wild crafted, the beeswax is from Upcountry Apiaries — the bees are on the property I live on here in Maui.

Sesame oil, castor oil, EVOO, beeswax, ginger powder, arnica, st. johns wort, calendula, and EOs of wintergreen, rosemary, cinnamon leaf, lavender, rose geranium, ginger, basil, marjoram, cardamom, peppermint, and spearmint.

Note:  Coming soon a version with cayenne powder option — Cayenne powder reduces Substance P and could be useful in chronic pain.  I made this recipe without cayenne powder to reduce the staining of clothes.

WARNING:  This product contains Wintergreen essential oil for it’s powerful analgesic properties:

  • Do not use on broken skin
  • Due to its ability to prevent blood clotting, wintergreen essential oil should NOT be used by those who have a bleeding or blood clot disorder, are on anticoagulant medication, are sensitive to aspirin or salicylates, or are just about to have major surgery.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should NOT use wintergreen. Young children are potentially at risk of Reye’s Syndrome and should NOT use wintergreen essential oil internally or externally. 

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