Rose Facial Mist

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Rose, the ultimate beauty and comforting oil. Since the 14th century roses have been distilled water and oil for medicinal, beauty, and emotional support. Rose is the ultimate for skin, especially the face because it is highly anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative, among other properties. It is the queen of essential oils and represents the feminine water element as such it is the core essential oil used for self nurturing, heartbreaks, emotional losses, low self esteem, and addressing sexuality. It can be used by all persons who are experiencing a state of emotional disconnection. Or it can just be used because it is a lovely scent that makes one smile.

Here I’ve combined rose hydrsol with aloe vera gel, and rose essential oil. It is a lovely facial mist that can be used anytime. Rose essential oil is very pricey — the most expensive essential oil due to it’s extremely low yield (1kg essential oil per 3500 to 4000 kilograms of rose petals).

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, aloe vera gel, Rosa damascena essential oil.

2 oz in glass spray bottle $20.00
Contact Bobbi to order.

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