Rosehip Seed Body Lotion

Photo From: Rosehip Seed Body Lotion

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


I love this blend! It is nourishing to skin, hydrating, and balancing.  Rosehip seed oil is nourishing to skin and one of the best tissue regenerators for scars, skin burns, and premature aging. Cranberry seed oil is especially good for skin and for improving saggy skin and wrinkles.  It is a perfect balance of omegas 3,6, & 9. These oils are so effective for skin care they are mostly used on the face, and this cream lotion can be used on your face but I formulated it for the d├ęcolletage area.

I leave this unscented and scent it to your liking, request, or need.

For a daily body lotion I like my “Orange Lifesaver” essential oil synergy of Frankincense papyrifera, Jasmine (dawn blooming), Clary Sage and Neroli for a centering, enlivening while relaxing, soothing, and uplifting blend, and a very pleasant scent.

Ingredients: rosehip seed oil, cranberry seed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, Maui beeswax, chamomile hydrosol, aloe vera gel, and vitamin E.

4 oz $40.00 unscented in a cobalt blue glass jar, price may vary scented.
2 oz in a lotion pump bottle $25.00

Contact Bobbi to order.

Photo by Patrick McDowell

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