Sleep Tight Foot Oil

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Sleep Tight Foot Oil

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil or jojoba, yarrow, and essential oils of lavender, sweet marjoram, clary sage, and Roman chamomile.

To use: After you are in bed for the night, pour a small amount into your palm and massage into your feet. Relax, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose with a soft smile as you drift off to sleep.

Marjoram is a relaxer. It reduces heart rate and blood pressure and balances the nervous system relieving stress. It’s scent has respiratory benefits aiding your nasal breathing all night long. It also reduces aches and pains supporting musculoskeletal health.

Roman chamomile is soothing and relaxes the nervous system. It helps you fall to sleep by relaxing your muscles and your mind.

Clary sage also lowers blood pressure, relaxes your body through its anti-spasmodic affects. It releases PMS cramping and tension. Its euphoric and calming, supportive of sleep. And with it’s clairvoyance effects it supports dreaming.

Lavender, the ultimate relaxer, it also supports sleep, stimulates the calming side of our nervous system and the vagus nerve and reduces anxiety so you can drift off to sleep.

I infused yarrow into the base oil of either olive oil or jojoba, yarrow is the healer. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it relieves nerve pain, heals muscles injuries, tendonitis and reduces the inflammation of arthritis. It will seep into your body seeking out the areas that need healing all night long while you sleep.

2 oz glass bottle $30.00

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