Summertime Cooling and Toning Body Oil/Gel

Photo From: Summertime Cooling and Toning Body Oil/Gel

Photo by Patrick McDowell -Maui Calendula drying in the Maui Sun


Coconut oil, Calendula infused EVOO, Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel extract, Yarrow hydrosol, with essential oil synergy of cypress, grapefruit and geranium.

How to use:
**SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE**, hydrosols, gel, and oil will separate.
Massage onto legs from foot upward with long upward strokes.  Do circular motions around knees and hips.  I prefer morning time to do this, evening is also good.  Consistent use over a period of 3-6 months will give best results.  This blend was formulated for legs, but will also get cooling and toning for body and arms.

Available for purchase:
2 oz glass bottle for $12.00
4 oz glass bottle for $22.00
Contact Bobbi to order.

Coconut oil is very cooling and a lovely oil for summertime as it also has an SPF of around 4.  Coconut oil is a great emollient and also slightly occludes the skin thereby preventing transepidermal water loss — making it a great oil for dry skin (and dry damaged hair).

Calendula oil is also cooling and highly anti-inflammatory, a healing oil — very good at helping the skin heal, it is and one of the best oils for skin.  Both coconut and calendula oils offer anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.

Witch hazel is cooling and toning – as is yarrow hydrosol.  Yarrow is also a very healing plant.

The essential oil synergy supports the toning and circulation benefits of this body oil/gel.  Cypress is astringent and toning to veins — and stimulating to the lymph system helping to improve lymphatic circulation and prevent swelling in the legs.  Grapefruit is also a top choice for improving lymphatic circulation.  Geranium is also slightly astringent and helpful in improving circulation around cellulite and healing the skin — it is good at reducing fungal or bacterial infections of the skin.

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