Sweeping Breath Meditation

Sweeping your breath along your body with you mind.  Your breathing will transmit its calming influence. This type of breathing is relaxing and nourishing.

Establish a relaxed 1:1 belly breath (1:1 meaning equal inhales and exhales)

  • Observing your breath, breathe as if your breath is flowing from the crown of your head down to your toes. Inhale back to the crown of your head. Take three to five breaths at each level.
  • Exhale from the crown down to the level of your ankles. As the length your breath travels shortens, your breath does not. The movement in your mind matches your breath.
  • Exhale down to the level of your knees
  • Exhale down to the base of your spine. Now we are starting to breathe into each of the energy centers within the body, balancing them.
  • Exhale to the navel center
  • Exhale to the heart center
  • Exhale to the throat center
  • Exhale to the eyebrow center. Breathe back and forth between the crown and the eyebrow center 5-10x giving a good cleaning to our prefrontal cortexes …
  • Now REVERSE the order and descend from the throat through to the toes.
  • Finish by breathing as if your whole body breathes. Let your exhalation flow downward as if your breath is flowing through the soles of your feet and on to infinity. Inhaling, breathe as if your breath is a wave flowing upward through your body and the crown of your head and onward to infinity. Sense that you are lying in a wave of energy and bliss.

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