Vanilla Sandalwood Mango Lip Balm

Photo From: Vanilla Sandalwood Mango Lip Balm

Photo by Patrick McDowell


Vanilla Sandalwood Mango Lip Balm

ALL Ingredients are sustainably wild harvested, cultivated certified organic, biodynamic, or grown without chemicals

Ingredients: Vanilla infused jojoba, mango butter, cocoa butter, Maui beeswax, castor oil, sea buckthorn oil, and vitamin E oil.

Instructions: Manually push bottom of tube up with your finger. When you first use it, it will be a little harder to push up. After that is pushes up easily.

.3 oz in a Kraft paper lipstick tube $10.00

Hand poured in small batches.

This lip balm is a little firmer than my Bleu chamomile lip balm, it that softens up nicely when you rub it on your lips.

I included sea buckthorn for its UV protection, healing powers, beta carotene, and it also adds color.  I added castor oil for its thickness, shine, and anti-inflammatory and cholesterol properties. Cholesterol helps the skin hold onto moisture.

I used coconut oil for palmitic acid which is lubricating, and jojoba (and coconut) for its tribehenic acid which is emollient and has humectant properties. Mango butter for its glycolipids which act as a skin conditioner. 

I added sandalwood as its one of the only essential oils that is not drying, and it has cicatrisant (healing) properties and a lovely scent.

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