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New product!  ‘Viral away-we go’ is an immunity travel kit that I personally started traveling with in 2020. It is airplane ready (all acceptable carry on sizes). It consists of:

1/2 oz bottle of nasya oil 

Nasya oil is for your nose, it keeps your nose lubricated and better able to catch and destroy viral and bacterial airborne particles.  It contains eucalyptus essential oil is a safe dose for the nose (along with rose and sandalwood essential oils) in a base of sesame oil. Eucalyptus essential oil will also help to catch and destroy unwanted viral particles. 

How to use: Start with a few drops in each nostril, if tolerated you can put up to half a dropper in each nostril.

  • Tilt your head back, drop in oil drops and sniff the oil into your nasal passages, and with your head still tilted back massage the oil around your eyes where your sinuses are.

You want the oil in contact with your sinuses and nasal passages.

This lubricates the nasal passages and allows the cilia to do their job better; filter the air we breathe!

1/2 oz ear oil -Ingredients: Garlic infused olive oil. This helps keep the ear, nose, and throat clear of pathogens. Place 1 drop in each ear and massage the ear. Garlic is a powerful anti-microbial. This also helps wax move out of your ears.

1 oz oil pulling oil for your mouth – Sesame oil w/ clove essential oil. 

Oil pulling freshens breathe, pulls bad bacteria out of the mouth and is good for your teeth and gums. Clove adds a powerful anti-microbial punch to the sesame oil, and bonus(!) essential oils don’t strip your mouth of good bacteria like mouthwash does. To use: sip a small amount from the bottle and swish for 2-10 minutes. Spit it in toilet or outside.

2 oz Anti-Viral Hand and Body oil – Use this often on your hands and forearms. 

It is better than hand sanitizers — it will not destroy the good bacteria on your skin, and does not contribute to anti-biotic resistance as most hand sanitizers do. It is a powerful blend in a strong dilution: Essential oils of ravintsara, tea tree, niaouli, tarragon, Thyme satureioides, oregano, and black pepper in a base of sesame oil and rose geranium infused olive oil.

1 oz jar of my breathing salve chest rub 

This salve is great for chest colds, flus, congestion, and just better breathing.  It uses essential oils such as eucalyptus for better breathing and clear congestion, peppermint to open the airways, lemon to support lymph movement, and rosemary and other powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal — anti-microbial oils to help the body clear any pathogenic microbes.

All ingredients are organic or sustainably wild harvested: Sesame oil, yarrow infused EVOO, calendula infused EVOO, beeswax.  Essential oils of Eucalyptus globulus, Citrus limon (lemon), Inula graveolens, Rosemary officinalis ct. cineol, Mentha piperita (peppermint), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree).

Viral Away-we go Kit is $45.00 Contact Bobbi to order

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