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Essential Oils, Herbs, & Plant Medicines

Bobbi Misiti is a NAHA Level III Clinical Certified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy is not just smelling the oils, though this is lovely.

Aromatherapy is using the aromatic molecules the plants produce for our skin, herbal home medicines, stress reduction, and well being. Plants produce these aromatic molecules to protect them from insects, diseases, harsh weather, and any other threats. As it turns out us humans face similar threats and these plant molecules are effective for humans as well — we are one with the plants.

Check out our line of Truly Green Face & Body CareHerbal Home Remedies, and many other products I make in our Learn & Thrive section including facial routines, hydrosols, body butters and lotions, facial oils, salves, gels, lip balms, inhalers, and more!

How do we use these aromatic plant medicines?

  • Holistic Skincare and supporting healing of the skin.
  • Herbal Home Remedies – Learn how to use herbs and oils to prevent and treat minor ailments and injuries, reduce anti-biotic use and other medications.
  • Improve Sleep – Many essential oils help us relax and sleep. Sleep is a “master healer and detoxifier” — we all feel better when we sleep better.
  • Muscle ache strain or sprain? Essential oils and herbs provide safe and non-addictive pain remedies.
  • Diffuse oils to help prevent contagion, improve focus, relax, or feel energized.  Learn which oils to use for what.
  • Clean breathing air — diffusing oils is very effective to clean the air you breathe.  Come for the free smells and learn which oils help with airborne bacteria and provide clear, clean breathing.
  • Worried about hiking in the lovely woods because of ticks / lyme? Check out this 3 pronged approach to protecting yourself from ticks and what to do if you find one yourself.
  • Stressed? Discover how oils and herbs work with your nervous and hormonal systems to help you release stress and anxiety and feel better overall.
  • Reduce Household Chemicals! Learn how easy and economical it is to make most of your own toiletries —
    • Learn which toiletries, clothing, household products, and environmental toxins all contribute to toxic overload in our bodies and how to reduce your own toxic burden. This makes a big difference in your overall energy levels and immune strength and is especially important for anyone that currently has a health challenge.
    • How to clean your entire house with baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, vodka, and rubbing alcohol
  • Catching a cold? Try a session with me for remedies that can both help with immediate symptom relief and oils and herbs to help boost your immune system shortening duration and intensity.
  • Learn how to harness the medicinal power of herbs and spices and really use them.
  • Learn many uses of essential oils and their benefits

What happens in a one hour Aromatherapy Session?
Initially I will gather some information about you and why you are here. We will then discuss how to use herbs, oils, and lifestyle for balance, healing, prevention, or whatever we are working on!  We will smell some oils and play with some textures of herbs, oils, balms, and lotions and formulate custom products made specifically for you based on your current wants and needs and what smells and feels pleasant for you.

*SPECIAL* Aromatherapy Consultation Package:
2 Sessions for $60.00 (first session is 1 hour, 2nd session may be 1/2 hour up to 1 hour)
3 Sessions for $75.00 (first session is 1 hour, 2nd and 3rd sessions 1/2 – 1 hour)

A one hour Aromatherapy session 1:1 with Bobbi is $57.00.
5 Session Special $225.00 (1 year expiration)
10 Session Special $400.00 (1 year expiration)

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