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What is a Health Coaching session?

Most people know what to do for better health … It’s HOW to do it that gets challenging.  This is where a health coach can help, we help you implement small comfortable changes gradually.

A health coaching session usually lasts up to one hour; during that time I collect information about you and why you are here.  We then formulate together an action or health plan based on your wants, needs, time, life situations, what feels comfortable and doable for you, or what your doctor may recommend.

Reasons people would seek a health coach?

  • What to eat? There is a lot of mis-information and varying advice.  This is because not everyone will benefit from the same foods.  A health coach will help you navigate clean healthy foods based on what you like or have been recommended to do by your doctor.
  • Ways to eat more vegetables !
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Improved sleep
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Tips to improve daily detox
  • Autoimmune diseases and reducing toxin load
  • Cancer – finding clean food, and reducing chemical exposures
  • Prevention of diseases and illnesses (even if you have the “genes” for it).
  • Avoiding chemicals in your daily routine and household
  • Establishing a daily routine
  • Establishing a daily exercise or practice
  • Pain management
  • And many other reasons

A health coach meets each person where they are and helps them navigate lifestyle changes with ease, adapting and adjusting to each person’s likes and dislikes.  Through questions, history, culture, background, likes and dislikes I help you live a lifestyle for wellness and longevity.

Health Coaching works on the four pillars of health:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Movement & Detoxing
  • Stress management skills, destressing 
  • Sleep

You get these four pillars in your life and the body will heal and correct itself.  These lifestyle strategies can help you prevent and resist illness and disease, and may also correct any disease you are currently dealing with.  Get the basics of health ~ Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves!

Costs and Special Programs

  • $30.00 – 1/2 hour Health Coaching or meditation session (learning to meditate)
  • $57.00 – 1 hour Health Coaching session in person or online
  • $225.00 – FIVE 1 hour health coaching sessions
  • $400.00 – TEN 1 hour health coaching sessions
  • Group rates available, contact Bobbi if you are interested.
  • A New Evolutionary Response to Stress – 5 sessions devoted to transforming stress in to Motivation and CommUnity aka Stress Busters 
    Stress, we all have to deal with it from time to time.  While we “know” that stress is bad — there are ways to make it not so bad. 
    Learn how stress effects us and what we can do to quickly recover from any detriments and how to turn it into motivation; leveraging our stress to improve our quality of life, this is known as Resilience ~ Learn how to build resilience in your life.
    5 Stress Busting Sessions $200.00

Sign Up Online

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We can meet online (via zoom video conferencing), by phone, or in person.  Sessions can be one time, ongoing, scheduled (ex. once per month) for a certain period or amount of sessions, or random.

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
    4 & 8 Week Corporate Wellness Programs coming soon which include tips on reducing negative stress in the work place, self care at work, along with tips for improving sleep, eating at work, and how you move and sit.  Contact Bobbi for more information.

Gift Certificates available

For any of the packages listed above or or any amount toward the purchase of our Truly Green Face & Body CareHerbal Home Remedies, and many other Truly Green Toiletries.

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What to eat?
Confused about what is the best “diet” or way to eat? Low fat/high fat, low carb/high carb, paleo or protein diets, vegetarian, vegan, ayurvedic, raw, gluten free/dairy free . . . and the list of diets go on and on.

In reality there is not one diet that is right for everyone — or every season of the year! Through questions, history, culture, background, likes and dislikes I help you nourish yourself with wholesome foods. The crux of nutrition is avoiding processed foods and sourcing your foods from high quality growers and farms; I will teach how to prepare wholesome foods working with your time frames, no matter what your eating preference.

  • How to make healthy fresh balanced meals to give you energy and vitality
  • Cooking skills
  • How to find good clean food
  • IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) food plans
  • How to slowly and enjoyably change the foods you eat to a rich plant based (not necessarily vegetarian) diet and why you want to do this
  • Food as medicine

Yoga/Meditation/Breathing exercises & Mind Body Medicines
I have 25+ years working in the yoga industry (and over 30 years working in health, wellness, diet, and exercise). If you are interested in Mind Body Medicine techniques — I can help!

Individualized Yoga, Breathing practices, moving (exercise), and meditations made custom for you and your lifestyle.  Our programs include either a detailed handout or a personal video of your practices for you to continue anytime, anyplace.  This is very empowering 🙂

More information here.
More information on our yoga here.

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