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SLOW FOOD! Make your own food (or better yet grow your own food if you enjoy that!)

Check your cupboards—better yet check your grocery cart before the foods even make it to your cupboard. How many foods do you buy in a box? Processed foods are the absolute worst foods for our body—forget about worrying about bad fats, white flour, sugar, etc – worry about processed and GMO (genetically modified) foods. Whether you are vegetarian, paleo, vegan, mediterranean, keto, or any other food plan what is most important is eating real food, mostly plants, and cooking yourself so you know it is made nutritious without pesticides, chemicals, and inflammatory non-foods.  It is startling to realize that in the face of a health-sick nation many people are unhealthy and/or over-fat from too much food while being subclinically mal-nourished! That is right, they are eating foods, but remain under nourished from not eating nutrient rich foods. This shows the state of our food supply. More info below.



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The Anytime Colorado CleanseSlow food does not necessarily take long to prepare. Prepare your meals from fresh foods; primarily vegetables with a little grain, and for carnivores cooking meat is not difficult nor time consuming. Slow food is just a habit you get into. If your habit is buying prepared foods realize that you are getting primarily GMO foods that have been stripped of nutrients and instead are laced with chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, sugar, salt or MSG . . . basically your anti-nutrients.

Educate yourself about what foods are in season locally (below is a seasonal list of foods, recipes, and explanations)–make these foods the staples of your kitchen, supplement with other foods as you enjoy. Breakfast is best when it consists mostly of fruit and your main meal mostly of vegetables. Look at grains as a vehicle to get vegetables into your body.  Herbs and spices are also loaded with medicinals and dense nutrition, experimenting and adding herbs and spices to your cooking spices things up nicely 🙂

And where to buy these foods? It is not that difficult to buy from local farmers. CSAs and real Farmers Markets are getting more prevelant.  In addition to a CSA and a Farmers Market ask around and see if you can find a farmer who will sell fresh meat and/or eggs to you (we happen to live in farmland . . . this is easier than you think).

With a just a little practice and establishing new habits you can eat healthy and enjoy it.

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