How to learn and practice in the Mysore style




THIS IS APPROPRIATE FOR BEGINNERS or anyone who wants learn how to develop their own yoga practice — or gain a better understanding of what teaching and learning Mysore style really is.

Mysore is so mis-understood!  It is NOT about fumbling through a yoga practice trying to remember the “series”.  It is about learning your own individualized yoga practice one pose at a time; you slowly build your practice over many months in a way you learn and remember it.  Very Empowering. This is a 5 day workshop, 2 hours each day. Each day will include 2 mini mysore classes that will build over the duration of the workshop. Initially the classes will be short, but as we build the practice each day the time in the practices will increase. We will start each day with a mysore class, then have about a half hour workshop time, then end each day with a second mysore class where we build upon the what we learned previously. We will learn where the benefits are, and how to individualize to each person attending, and how to slowly build upon what each person knows.

Beginners will start learning primary series mysore style, those who know primary can learn intermediate aka second series in this workshop mysore style. Please note, this workshop is not long enough to learn an entire series mysore style, you will leave with a solid understanding of your practice and with the confidence to continue practicing on your own or in any Mysore class worldwide.

Cost per person $125.00
April 6, 8, 10, 11, 13  10:00am   Dates may vary due to moon days.

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