Lavender and Lime Hand Soap





Ingredients: Unscented liquid castile soap, rose geranium hydrosol, and essential oils of lavender and lime.

Cost $15.00

Castile soap and hydrosols cleanse hands thoroughly without leaving sky dry or irritated. Many antibacterial hand soaps strip skin of beneficial microbes and are extremely drying to skin.

Enjoy washing your hands with the pleasant scents of lavender and lime combined. Lavender derives its name from the latin verb lavare which means “to wash”. It is anti-microbial and cleansing as well as calming and relaxing to your nervous system. It is a go-to in aromatherapy for many afflictions. “There is practically no health condition for which lavender would not provide some kind of relief” is a common statement.

Lime is cleansing, stimulating to lymph, and both antimicrobial and antiseptic. It is also astringent and leaves your hands feeling clean without stripping your skin. Lime is uplifting and refreshing adding a little lift to your mood as you wash your hands.

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