Sun Protective Facial Oil


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* All Ingredients are certified organic, sustainably wild harvested, or grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Made in Maui

Ingredients: Tamanu oil (Calopyllum inophyllum, Red Raspberry seed oil (Rubus idaeus), Pomegranate seed oil (Punica granatum), and essential oils of Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) and Myrrh (Commiphora myrrh).

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Test first before using all day, test by using it for a short period of time in the sun.

Do more than just protect your face from the sun with this oil, it is also a lovely facial oil that will tone and support the health and youth of your face.

Pomegranate and Red Raspberry seed oils offer sun blocking capabilities along with being rich with anti-oxidants that are good for our skin.  Tamanu has some of these abilities as well and it is very toning and supportive of good circulation.  Helichrysum also has some sun protection factors as well as being a top notch oil for your skin improving microcirculation.  Myrrh is long time revered for it’s uplifting and revitalizing of body and mind.

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Spritz face lightly with a hydrosol before applying or apply after washing your face while your skin is still damp.  A small amount goes a long way!  Equivalent to a half dropper full has offered me protection for a day in the sun. 

About Facial Sun Protection Oil

This offers some SPF sun protection without use of any zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  I can not guarantee an SPF factor since I have tested it, yet.  Both pomegranate and red raspberry seed oils carry a  high SPF, for example raspberry seed oil has been tested to be an SPF ranging from 28-50 (Oomah et al 2000).

Tamanu oil is the oil the Polynesians used for hundreds of years to protect themselves from the sun.  Helichrysum and myrrh also have a reputation to offer sun protection since they both live in dry harsh sunny climates, these plants have learned how to protect themselves from the sun in their environment and they share their oils with us to offer the same protection.  Thank you Myrrh trees and Helichrysum flowers.

Homemade with all safe oils for your face; this oil can also be a nourishing facial oil for daily use.  With essential oils of myrrh and helichrysum it is a powerful skin rejuvenative that is also anti-aging.

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