Salad Dressings – NO MORE store bought sick Salad Dressings!

 Salad dressings – NO MORE store bought dressings!

Making your own salad dressing saves you inflammation, toxic preservatives, MSG, sugar, and a little money! Don’t ruin your healthful salad with ingredients like titanium dioxide which damages your DNA and is banned from foods in Europe. Most commercial salad dressings also use synthetic dyes which have been proven to disrupt behavioral patterns, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup which should be banned.

See the ingredients on the ranch dressing, which is advertised as gluten free and keto friendly … and by the way all salad dressings are gluten free unless they’re adding “mainstream” soy sauce to the dressing.

Making your own salad dressing will ensure you get more of the powerful herbs and spices. There are 3 main ingredients to making a good salad dressing; high quality extra-virgin olive oil loaded with polyphenols that keep you younger, quality vinegars, and vibrant fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Store bought salad dressing = inflammation in plastic chemical laden bottles

Home made salad dressing = anti-inflammation + power packed nutrients in glass bowls/jars

There is no convenience in using prepared salad dressing that increases your medical bills and doctor office visits.

I have close to 20 different salad dressing recipes in the learn & thrive section of my website. Simply search my site with the key words salad dressing. There are many quick and easy salad dressings that take a minute to mix up, along with some dressings that require slightly more prepping, but you can make those is larger quantities and store them in the fridge. 

Quality ingredients are important. One of the simplest salad dressings you can do is get a bottle of organic high quality extra-virgin olive oil and a 12 year aged balsamic vinegar – this vinegar is thick, syrupy, and sweet but contains no added sugars. Drizzle a little of each over your salad greens. 

This is my favorite olive oil – Fandango Olive oil, a small family owned organic olive oil and vinegar company located in CA. They test all their oils and vinegars for roundup/glyphosate!

Some of my favorites:

Balsamic Dressing – This stores well so make extra to keep in the fridge.

Mira’s Lemon & Olive oil dressing – quick and easy!

Easy Salad & Oregano Olive oil dressing

Bleu Cheese shortcut salad dressing – just 2 ingredients!

Asian flavors salad dressing

Mabon Salad featuring Cumin and White Balsamic dressing

Pumpkin Seed Oil salad dressing

Passion fruit/Lilikoi Salad dressing

Green Goddess Salad dressing – Extra YUM!

Tuscan Kale salad w/ Pecorino Dressing

Quinoa Hemp Seed Salad with Lemon Mustard salad dressing

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